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"Know the philosophy, know the details, and ignore everything in the middle.

– Gary Vaynerchuk

So many players talk a big game but get to fancy to do the work.

If you've got questions, or just need a second opinion on which digital marketing move is right for you, give me a shout.

Monthly Retainer
Strategy + Creative Output
$2,500 | $2,500

During these trying times, many companies are having to cut cost. In order to not go dark, marketing teams are tasked with making every dollar work really hard. That's where we come in. Not only do we help our clients identify underperforming tactics, we help the industry use digital marketing to outperform traditional spend.

Our Retainer Includes:

  • Digital Marketing Tactics & Execution
  • Daily Social Media Marketing Content & Distribution
  • Website Lead Generation Management
  • Email Marketing Strategy & Execution 
  • Creative Direction
  • And much more!



Confused and don't know where to start, but know you need to? Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction.


  • Quick Tips & Tactics
  • 1-hour Video Consult
    (Google Video Call)
  • Brand Positioning


Set your brand’s true direction. This condensed strategy session is a facilitated workshop where we get to know who you are as a brand, what that means to the market place, who your target audience is, and why they should buy from you. Perfect for new business acquisitions or brokerages who want to move with confidence.


  • Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Brand Positioning
  • Goals and Prioritization
  • 1-5 hour Virtual Workshop
    (Google Video Call)
  • Advert Campaign Scripts
  • 1‑Month Accountability Calls
  • WayFinding Map (PDF) 


Do you need to create a new brand and don't know where to start? Or have you hit a wall and you are looking to redefine your business. This 2-Day workshop allows us to create a brand that not only resonates with who you are as a business, take in-person customer feedback, and formulate what solutions we can create to exceed their needs. Armed with this information we will formulate a 6-month marketing plan that sets the course for your new direction.


  • Ideal Customer
  • Brand Positioning
  • Core Messaging
  • Look and Feel Direction
  • Voice and Tone Direction
  • Customer Experience Funnel
  • Goals and Prioritization
  • Two, 6-Hour In‑Person Workshops
  • 3-Months Accountability Calls
  • WayFinding Map (PDF) 

Fishing Guides - Special Rates

If you're you better at landing fish, then landing customers. You've come to the right place. Guides are a critical part of our mission to get more people on the water. So, we're not going to leave you high and dry. Let's dive into what you're doing today, so we can raise the bar tomorrow.