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Provide Value For Audience, Game Over.

Have you found yourself wondering why more people aren’t contacting you through your website? Maybe you’ve even gone as far as looking at your Google Anayltics and wondered why you get some traffic but nobody ever comes back? 

Listen-in on this clip from BBC Owner Jared Love’s Website Review. I highlight 6 sections that you must have on your website to bring your audience value and explain what you do in a relevant way.

1. Attention
Captivating Headline, Image or Video. Without people’s attention you have Zero shot at telling them about your business.

2. Is This For Me?
Self-selection for your idel customer is key. This helps validate the user that yes, they’re on the right website that will help them personally. Then you can use that to guide them deeper into the site and provide a custom landing page or content tailered for them.

Example: If you own a tackle company. It’s a good idea to have people choose Freshwater or Saltwater. 

3. What is it exactly?
Have pictures of your product/service and a simple descriptions of what you sell.

4. Does it work? 
Testimonials, facts, or social proof that your product works from people who look like, or influence your ideal cliente. 

5. How can I get it?
Call to action. Make it easy for them checkout. Whether thats an add to cart, schdule an appointment, or simple contact us button.

6. What Can I Get For Free?
Provide as much value up front as you can. If you sell information give away your best tips in blog form, free downloads, videos, white papers, etc? If you’re a fishing guide. Tips on how to anchor in the wind, tie knots, weekly recipes. If you’re an outdoor apperal company, you could do all of thee above, as well as, collect emails and ship them stickers for free – and/or give away Truck Decals for any order over $100.

Get there Attention first, then you can rearrange the order of the above sections as you see fit.

The punchline is, design your website for your customers, not yourself, and you will win, time and time again! 

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask

Ride the wave and crush your competition.

Sea you on the water.