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Being the best fishing guide isn’t enough anymore.

We had the pleasure of being on the Tom Roland Podcast to discuss everything from how our phones are listening & what that means for our businesses, to eating 5,000 calories a day for CCU Football.

Here Are A Few Shortcuts:
What We Do: 7:43
How Yeti Films Changed The Game: 8:29
Mirco-Content VS High Production Video: 10:45
How To Measure Social Media Content: 13:32
Are Our Phones Listening & Bombarding Us With Ads: 17:43
Money Is Relative – Boat Sold In 5 Minutes: 26:14
Is Email Marketing Dead: 33:10
How To Get Started In Digital Marketing: 39:18
“It’s Not Fair, The Other Guide Isn’t That Good”: 47:07
Our Mission For Helping Fishing Guides: 45:23
? A Monumental Shift – First News Paper/ Then Radio / Then TV / Now Social Media: 48:01
How A Fishing Guide Can Market For Free: 48:50
CCU Sports – Track & Football: 55:28
Going Pro In Marketing Not Football: 1:02:21
EXSPODED Myrtle Beach Pancake Houses: 1:05:21
What Is The Maritime Moment Podcast: 1:06:48

Tom Roland Podcast - Art Hill - How To Market Your Charter Business - Rogue Marine Business Advisors

We’d like to thank the Saltwater Experience team for putting this together. 

Host: Tom Roland  
Saltwater Experience & Waypoint TV Podcast Collective

If you enjoyed this episode please go to iTunes and leave a review under the Tom Roland Podcast, it will mean the world to us. 

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